Marc Chagall

The composers of the Paris Opera ceiling : from Glück to Ravel

Mikhail Rudy knew Marc Chagall in his late years. In collaboration with the Chagall family he created an animated film using Chagall’s unpublished sketches, which he painted in preparation for the ceiling of the Paris Opera. Rudy accompanied the film with music by the composers evoked by Chagall in his painting : Glück, Mozart, Wagner, Debussy and Ravel. The premiere took place in July 2013 in the Marc Chagall Museum in Nice, for the museum 40th anniversary. Since then Mikhail Rudy has been invited to play Chagall, The Sound of Colours on numerous international stages : the Nanterre Maison de la Musique, Rouen Opera, Sala Sao Paolo in Sao Paolo, Paris Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Milan Auditorium, Grenoble Museum, Nancy Salle Poirel and in the festivals of La Roque d’Anthéron, Besançon, Hong-Kong, Mexico, La Chaise-Dieu and Wimbledon.

On October 18, 2015, Mikhail Rudy played Chagall, The Sound of Colours at the Paris Philharmonie, as part of the exhibition Chagall : The Triumph of Music, of which Rudy was the musical director. After Paris, the exhibition was shown at Roubaix Museum La Piscine in January 2016, before it was presented in Nice. It will be shown in Montreal and Los Angeles in 2017.

The DVD of his film was released on the occasion of the Paris exhibition under the title : Chagall, The Sound of Colours. « This is Mikhail Rudy’s most recent fabulous project whereby art and music enter into a dialogue led with his everlasting maestria and depth. It is an extremely well achieved, moving tribute to Marc Chagall whom he knew well at the end of his life. » – Thierry Hilleriteau / Le Figaro