Mikhail Rudy & Misha Alperin

Improvisation on classical themes by the piano duo formed by Mikhail Rudy and jazz pianist Misha Alperin.

« I followed my desire to have Schumann and Tristano through an imaginary journey in a crystal forest. Gradually, the outline of this journey, born from crossed dreams through different musical landscapes took form. All this journey’s pleasure was in discovery. » – Mikhail Rudy

The duo played this program on some of the greatest international stages, such as : the London Kings Place, Paris Théâtre du Trianon, Nanterre Maison de la Musique, Paris Collège des Bernardins, Oslo Theatre, Copenhagen Jazz Festival and the festivals of Sully-sur-Loire, La Moutte, Sudney, Montenegro, Jersey …

« Alperin’s fizzing with excitement, Rudy’s gently quizzical, they embarked on the most extraordinary classical/jazz conversation I’ve ever heard. »
The Independent, Michael Church *****